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Fire Door Replacements

Work Order:

We have recently had a break-in at one of our properties and there has been damage incurred on the main front door and 2 apartment doors (apt 3 and 4). We would require your assistance on the works on below.

  • Replace both apt 3 and 4’s door with FD30 doors fitted with a cold smoke seal and intumescent strip along with fire rated hinges.
  • To repair ‘like new’ or replace as required the communal front door, along with the locks like what were previously there as required. The front door must be the same as what was fitted previously, glass included, due to the property being in a conservation area.
Our Response:
  • Sourced building material
  • Replace FD30 doors with fitted smoke seals and fire rated hinges.
  • Sourced identical communal front door with glass included
  • Inspection carried out and signed that work order has been completed to our standard.