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Damp Investigation and Proofing

Work Order:

Following a damp investigation report generated by Gateway Property Management, the following specification of works was identified, and Gaughan Services was asked to respond.

  • Set up access equipment
  • Remove section of the downpipe and clear any blockages
  • Check the guttering above to ensure this is clear and not blocked which will cause water to track down behind or over the side
  • Remove any loose mortar from brick joints
  • Using sand and cement, repoint any joints where mortar is loose/missing.
  • There are also approximately 15 old screw holes which will need to be plugged.
  • Check and inspect. Leave site clean and tidy.
Our Response:
  • Installed a tower on site
  • Removed downpipe and flush through blockages.
  • Checked guttering to roof and cleared all debris/greenery.
  • Water tested guttering to ensure leak free and replaced any necessary joints.
  • Raked out loose mortar to brickwork.
  • Re-pointed all required areas of brickwork with new mortar.
  • Infilled various screw holes to brick to ensure waterproof.
  • Inspection carried out and signed that work order has been completed to our standard.